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GAS To Liquid Project – Escravos

Main Contractor: Southern Gas Constructors Ltd (A KBR & Saipem Joint Venture)
Escravos Gas to Liquid Project is based in the Escravos region, Delta State, Nigeria. It is located about 300 km southeast of Lagos. The plant, once mounted, will receive gas from Chevron-Operated Escravos Gas Plant EGP. The plant is made to convert natural gas into liquid petroleum product.

The GTL plant costed more than US$12 billion and became operational by September 2013. Its initial capacity was 34,000 barrels per day (5,400 m3/d) of fuel, diesel. Within ten years the capacity has expanded to 120,000 barrels per day (19,000m3/d).

JAD Group has mobilized to the “Gas to Liquid Project” at Escravos in May 2006, and since then it is rendering its services successfully and in the highest standards of quality and safety.

JAD Group’s scope of work for the EGTL project can be illustrated as follow:
  • Provision of Marine Logistics Services.
  • Provision of Catering Services for almost 6500 Residents.
  • Provision of Facility Management services.
  • Provision of Heavy Lift and Jetty Management services.
  • Provision of Houseboats at different project stages to accommodate 500 - 1200 persons.
  • Provision of Marine and Heavy-lift Services.