Our Projects

Our Projects

JAD Group have been successfully rendering their services at several projects

The Chevron Gas-to-Liquid project (EGTL) has been a milestone in the Nigerian Oil & Gas Sectors similar to other key projects such as the NLNG. JAD has been, and still is, a major contractor in this Mega project, with a workforce strength that stretches, at its peak, to more than 1000 employees.

Throughout this megaproject, JAD was providing the following services to Chevron’s EPC Contractor SGC (a KBR & Saipem JV): Camp management services for almost 8500 residents, Facility Management Services, Heavy Lift and Jetty Management services, Land and Marine Logistic Services within the project site and Warri-Escravos route, along with the fabrication and/or installation of hundreds of accommodation and office units required for the project.

In addition to the EGTL project, JAD has been providing its services to the major IOCs and EPC Contractors like: Chevron Nigeria Limited, Mobil Producing Nigeria, SPDC, Saipem, Daewoo and many others.

Our main work has involved servicing the Escravos Terminal, Escravos Gas To Liquid Project, Otumara Node for Dom-gas Project, Southern Swamp Associated Gas Solutions (SSAGS) Project...The factors behind JAD’s success story in every project are our commitment to provide quality services, to adhere to the client’s HSE & Business Conduct-Ethics policies and most importantly, our social and moral commitment to host communities.

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