Our Services

Inland and Offshore Marine Vessels

JAD CONSTRUCTION LIMITED owns and operates a reliable and newly built fleet of Marine vessels.

JAD has achieved a Marine Contractor Health & Environmental Safety Management Process (MARCHES) grade of [ A ] within Chevron Upstream Marine system Joint OVMSA (Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment) Verification and Assessment (JOVA) conducted in October 2017.

JAD provides different types of Marine vessels such as:

  • Offshore Marine Vessels (PSV, AHTS, LHS...)

  • Offshore Security Vessels

  • Swamp and Sea-Going/Offshore Barges (1000Tons-3000Tons) including but not limited to Crane Barges, Ramp Barges, Fuel Barges, Dump Barges, etc.

  • In-land & Sea-going Tug Boats (1000HP – 3000HP).

  • Personnel Carriers.